Dear Certified Engineering Geologist,
The purpose of this survey is to identify the tasks and knowledge that are relevant to the current practice of engineering geology in order to update the California Examination for Certified Engineering Geologists.
Please complete this survey in its entirety to help the Board reach the goal of obtaining feedback from a representative sample of the licensed population.  The more participation that the Board receives, the more the Board can ensure that the exam is current, relevant and practice-related.  
Thank you for your support of the Board’s exam development program.  Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. 
The major aim of conducting an Occupational Analysis is to develop a concise and logical compilation of what professionals do in specific terms that can be readily communicated and understood. The delineation procedure involves a number of steps including the identification of: (1) domains; (2) tasks; and (3) the knowledge underlying the performance of tasks.

1. Domains (also known as topic areas, content areas, or dimensions) represent the principal areas of a) job responsibility and b) knowledge needed to perform one’s professional responsibilities. 
2. Task statements are distinct, identifiable, specific job-related tasks performed by professionals in your field that are necessary for competent performance.
3. Knowledge statements identify what a professional needs to know based on the identified task statements.

This survey is optional, and if you do not wish to receive requests for your participation such as this survey please email stating that you wish to be unsubscribed from this and future requests. This survey includes questions that involve the collection of Personal Data. The data will only be used for the purposes of informing the research necessary for this Occupational Analysis, and will be aggregated and not reported with respect to any particular individual. By responding to this survey and answering the questions within it you are consenting to the collection and processing of your Personal Data. You can review more about how Prometric collects and processes Personal Data, in addition to your rights, at

This survey can be completed in approximately 45 minutes. Most questions take just seconds to answer. A progress bar is provided at the bottom of each page to indicate the percentage of the survey you have completed. The survey consists of the following sections:

Section 1: Background & General Information
Section 2: Tasks
Section 3: Knowledge
Section 4: Recommendations for Test Content
Section 5: Comments

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