NCEES Industrial and Systems PAKS Survey


This is a Professional Activities and Knowledge/Skills (PAKS) survey designed to identify the important aspects of the Professional Engineer job role as it pertains to Industrial and Systems Engineering. The PAKS survey is completed every five to seven years and determines what professional activities and knowledge are important to the profession. The PAKS is the source for identifying the content of the Principles and Practices of Industrial and Systems Engineering Examination.

This survey can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. Most questions take just seconds to answer, but will require your judgment on various subjects in Industrial and Systems Engineering. A progress bar is provided at the bottom of each page to indicate the percentage of the survey you have completed. The survey consists of the following sections:
Section 1: Background & General Information (demographic information is collected regarding the survey volunteers)
Section 2: Professional Activities (tasks and actions that describe the work-behaviors of your peers)
Section 3: Knowledge/Skills (information required to complete those work-behaviors proficiently)
Section 4: Test Content Recommendations (distribution for how the exam sections should be allocated)

Each time you click the "Next Page" button, your answers will be recorded and you will be transferred automatically to the next set of items. Upon completion of the entire survey, you will be asked to click a button marked "Submit Survey".

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